Parcel 1 

158.96 Acres. Homestead with 1100 square foot walkout bungalow, single garage, barn, steel pipe corals. New hay shed 200 x 75’ (stores up to 1000 round bales).


Mixture of hay and grazing land with winding creek (trout stream). Great hay which was just planted in 2019. Between the 220 acres of hay (this includes hay fields from Parcels 2 & 3), 840 bales were put up at 1900 lbs/piece.


Abundance of excellent quality water. Exceptional 4 strand barbed wire fencing with easy-close gates. If purchased as separate parcels, some fencing would need to be addressed for boundaries. See the map below for an approximate location of current fences.


Be sure to check out the map also for water sources as this ranch has an abundance of great quality water.

Parcel 2 (click here)
Parcel 3 (click here)
Parcel 4 (click here)
Parcel 5 (click here)
Heading 6
Map Legend  

Click on legend and scroll down to see various layers including water sources, fencing, quarter sections.

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