Parcel  4

7 more quarter sections and a portion of another totaling 835.75 (+/-) deeded long acres and another 157 acres of government grazing lease. (59 AUMs)


We refer to this beautiful rolling terrain as “long acres”, as you are getting more land surface and better value per acre. When the surveyors were out they calculated the total number of “flattened acres” on this ranch to be over 4000 acres!



Good grazing land with wide variety of topography in one of Canada’s most picturesque areas! Lots of cover, an abundance of exceptional native grasses. Great water. Far north quarter has some gorgeous forest and some good clearing has been done for increased pasture. A mixed forest and good grazing land all the way through.


Exceptional 4 strand barbed wire fencing with easy-close gates. If purchased as separate parcels, some fencing would need to be addressed for boundaries. See the map below for an approximate location of current fences.


Be sure to check out the map also for water sources as this ranch has an abundance of great quality water.

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Map Legend  

Click on legend and scroll down to see various layers including water sources, fencing, quarter sections.

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